BLOOD OATH reveal first track via CALIGARI Records


Caligari Records, in conspiracy with Raise the Dead Records, announces September 15th as the international release date for the highly anticipated debut album of Chile's Blood Oath, Lost in Eternal Silence. Caligari will handle the CD and cassette tape versions while Raise the Dead will handle the vinyl version.

Formed in 2015, Chile's Blood Oath have been a study in patience and persistence. During their first year of existence, the band released a rehearsal recording as well as a two-song promo EP. A couple more years would follow before Blood Oath would release their official debut, an EP titled The Line Between. Initially, that EP would be released domestically on cassette, but later in the year did Unspeakable Axe pick it up for CD release. Here, the then-quintet displayed a brazen mastery of technical death metal, but the darkest and more barbaric extremes of such. If one could imagine Death's Human meeting Sextrash's Sexual Carnage, Blood Oath possessed that potential.

On evidence of Lost in an Eternal Silence, Blood Oath are a revelation for those into the cultest ends of tech-death. Maniacs of early '90s Sadus, mid-'90s Cenotaph, or especially the works of The Chasm and Stargazer.

In the meantime, hear the brand-new track "Sanctuary of Souls", below:

Tracklisting for Blood Oath (Chile)'s Lost in an Eternal Silence
1. Beyond the Dimensional Gates
2. Sanctuary of Souls
3. Fateful Existence
4. The Sacrifice
5. Singularity
6. Reflections of Darkness
7. The Journey Into the Depths
8. Lost in An Eternal Silence