REIGNING release '666 P4rty' lyric video

This innovative record stands out for its freshness and the reinterpretation of some of their old tracks, plus the inclusion of a few new songs that guarantee a respectful balance between their legacy and future.

Listen to their new single '666 P4rty', on a lyric video format, below:


The album 'New Devil' is the result of the unique alchemy between the different musical origins and personal history of the band members. According to vocalist FURAN, “New Devil reflects the union that results from our diverse influences and individual stories as artists. The fusion between our highly different backgrounds but our common goal of playing metal ended up becoming this new amalgamation that we came to know as ‘New Devil’”

The album was produced by Carlos Fuentes from Sonido Origen, who helped the band polish and energize their classics, while incorporating new elements to bring new life into them. The members of REIGNING also offered personal touches to the production, including new lyrics, arrangements and sounds that honor their legacy and revitalize their repertoire.

The band members are Sebastián Osorio, founder and guitar player; Matías Urrutia on drums; Víctor Lleuvul on bass; and FURAN as vocalist. Each member brings a diversity of influences, creating an interesting mix of ideas that define their current sound, while sharing a common passion for heavy and aggressive music.

The illustrator of the album’s cover art is Ahmad Agus, a talented artist from Indonesia, while the overall album design was made by Sodesignchile. This new release aims to be a highlight in the band’s discography that includes albums like ‘Pain Machines’, ‘Black Essence’ and ‘Aqueronte’.

Chilean metal band REIGNING have released their new album ‘NEW DEVIL’, and it is available on all digital platforms.