SOBERNOT premieres a brand-new music video inspired by the movie Terminator


Chilean Groove/Thrashers Sobernot have recently released the music video for the track "Tyrant Machine", featured on the band's latest and the highly praised album, "Destroy", recreating the first-person view of an android.

For the new video, director Francisco Callejas used several GoPro cameras attached to the instruments, and also attached to the heads of the musicians, simulating something inspired by the blockbuster films in the Terminator franchise, starring the famous actor Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Based on the lyrics of "Tyrant Machine", it deals from the machines' point of view with the fact that they can become self-aware and realize that humanity is the main threat to planet Earth.

Directed by Francisco Callejas (Smoking Mouth Films.)
Recorded and mixed by Franco Gabelo at Estudios Gabelo (Chile)
​Mastered by Tony Lindgren at Fascination Street Studios (Sweden)

Guitarist Pablo "Chespi" La'Ronde comments: "It was a really fun video to make! Our director had saved an idea to make a music video showing the point of view of a machine inspired by the Terminator, and we had the right music for it (laughs). The result turned out amazing!"

César "Vaigor" Vigouroux (vocalist) explains further by saying, "To be more precise, our director wanted to make a video with this point of view idea, but with video game players in classic first-person shooter games, which would match perfectly if it was like a 'Terminator' machine. It all worked out and we did everything very quickly, I think in a month at the most, and the result turned out exactly as we imagined."

Wasting no time, the quartet is already working on another music video that will be released by the end of first semester.