SOBERNOT reveals brand-new music video!


Once again Chilean Groove/Thrashers Sobernot surprise us by releasing the powerful and imposing ballad "Across The Toxic Dew" as the fifth music video/single from their highly praised second album "Destroy".
This video portraits an intense story featuring an evil lady and her helpless prey, along with the band playing the song in an amazing location, all under the lens of prominent Chilean filmmaker Erwin Scheel.

Guitarist Pablo La'Ronde adds:
"This is the song where we wanted to expand our limits and make a heartbreaking ballad in our own style. Without a question it’s the song that we enjoyed recording in the studio the most. There are 12-string guitars, piano, percussion, and many hidden details for you, so listen carefully!"
​"Across The Toxic Dew" adds to previous music videos releases "Servants Of The Yellow King", "Smoke Masters", "No Mercy" and "Tyrant Machine", and of course his most recent and praised album "Destroy", led them to be featured in the January 2023 issue of the legendary European magazine Metal Hammer Germany, and also to get their first nomination as 'Best Metal Artist' in the prestigious Chilean music aggregation, the Pulsar Awards.

Currently, after the release of their second album "Destroy", the band continues investing heavily in the internationalization of their career, since they have enough quality to conquer the world!

Sobernot is formed by César "Vaigor" Vigouroux (vocals), Pablo "Chespi" La'Ronde (guitar), Joaquín "Yakls" Quezada (bass) and Piero "Pyro" Ramírez (drums).

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