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  • ALL ANGELS MASSACRE - Surviving The Mist (Soundcloud)

    ALL ANGELS MASSACRE - Surviving The Mist (Soundcloud)

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    'Surviving The Mist' is the third track released by the international band All Angels Massacre released via Digmetalworld Records.The track introduces its new bass player Jose Mantovani (ex-Desecrated Sphere - Brazil). The track was mixed and mastered by

  • 04:25 LEFUTRAY - Sound Kill

    LEFUTRAY - Sound Kill

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    ¨Sounds Kill¨ new single disc ¨OATH¨. LAST SHOW 2015. Directed and edited by Nicolas Iriarte. Assistant By Felipe Vergara and Nicolas Vergara. Iluminated by Hugo Tejo Order album at: http://www.sickbangers.cl

  • CRIMINAL - Down Driven (Soundcloud)

    CRIMINAL - Down Driven (Soundcloud)

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    Anglo-chilean thrashers Criminal have announced their new full-length, Fear Itself, due out March 11th worldwide via Metal Blade Records! The first single, "Down Driven", can now be heard at:, where the album can also be pre-ordere

  • 03:54 DISONANCIA MENTAL - Demonios en mi cabeza

    DISONANCIA MENTAL - Demonios en mi cabeza

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    La banda chilena de metal instrumental que lanzó recientemente su disco homónimo "Disonancia Mental" presenta un nuevo videoclip promocional "Demonios en mi cabeza". El álbum "Disonancia Mental" está inspirado en la historia de

  • 03:50 RESILIENCE - Mil Memorias

    RESILIENCE - Mil Memorias

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    Descarga Gratis CD 2015 "Derrumbando los Muros del Silencio" en: Disponible desde el 23/12/2015 Subscribete al Facebook de Resilience: Video por Pr1me Films. 2015.

  • 03:35 PIROSAINT - A New Yesterday (Blackthorn 51)

    PIROSAINT - A New Yesterday (Blackthorn 51)

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    Buy " A New Yesterday' on #iTunes: live video was recorded at Blackthorn 51 in Queens, NY on Sep 4, 2015 by Promusicvideo. Cameras by Ximena Muñoz, Rodrigo Fredes, Ignacio Orellana. Edited by Ignacio Orellana.Pirosaint is

  • 06:18 ANTARTANDES - Spiritual Descent (live)

    ANTARTANDES - Spiritual Descent (live)

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    ANTARTANDESSpiritual DescentLive at Thronum Immortalis Fest05/02/2015Cameras by Kreativ MediosAudio by Rubicon EstudiosEdited and directed by EntropicFx and RommelProduced by Maze ProductionsSpecial thanks to Erwin Scheel and Nicolás Onfray.https:/

  • 07:25 NUCLEAR - Tough Guy / Apatrida (Live)

    NUCLEAR - Tough Guy / Apatrida (Live)

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    NUCLEAR @ Santiago Gets Louder Festival, Santiago CL.Tracks- Tough Guy (Beastie Boys cover)- ApatridaRecorded live at Hangares Suricato, Cerrillos, Santiago.Footage, edition and postproduction by Yield Produccioneshttp://www.yieldproducciones.clCDs availa

  • UDK - Becoming hate (Soundcloud)

    UDK - Becoming hate (Soundcloud)

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    Chilean band UDK have released its coming back single 'Becoming hate' recorded at 15hrz in Santiago, Chile. Its upcoming album will be released by Toxic Records in 2016.

  • 06:35 THE POWER OF THE PUDÚ - La Llama Altipláneta (+GAME)

    THE POWER OF THE PUDÚ - La Llama Altipláneta (+GAME)

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    MP3: (0 dollars free minimum) Music, Video and Game by Carlos. First Assessor: Diego Madariaga Mastering by Imperial Lyon Studios. Thanks to Zoológico de Quilpué Band Members:

  • 04:10 CLEAVER - Why are you so jealous, honey? (Lyric Video)

    CLEAVER - Why are you so jealous, honey? (Lyric Video)

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    Cleaver new single from upcoming album "Hear the silence" Cleaver is: Carlos Cleaver: Vocals & Guitars Malonso Grim: Bass M.C : Drums Recorded in Now Recordings Studio by Felipe Leighton Mastered by Victor Muñoz

  • PIROSAINT - New God (Full album)(Soundcloud)

    PIROSAINT - New God (Full album)(Soundcloud)

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    Buy album: Recorded and mixed by Mariano Pavez and Cristian Solis at HyT Studios on March of 1997 in Santiago, Chile. Art cover by Jose Jara, band photo by Jorge Cadenas. Originally released on cassette format via Artaria Rec

  • Popular PIROSAINT - Infected Brutality (Full album)(Soundcloud)

    PIROSAINT - Infected Brutality (Full album)(Soundcloud)

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    Buy album:"Infected Brutality" contains Pirosaint's original demos, "Atrocity Not Condign '92" and "Infected Dreams '94" recorded originally in Santiago, Chile by Jose Luis Corral at the Rec. Studios. The album also includes

  • 46:09 WARCHEST - Live @ Oxido Bar, Aug 2015 (Downfall release show)

    WARCHEST - Live @ Oxido Bar, Aug 2015 (Downfall release show)

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    Recorded live at Bar Oxido, Santiago, Chile Cameras by Camilo Barriga, Cristóbal Narváez & Camilo Anrique Edited by Cristóbal Narvaez

  • 06:14 Popular NEOGENESIS - Aferrado a todo

    NEOGENESIS - Aferrado a todo

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    Grabado, mezclado y masterizado en Imperial Lion Studio.Dirección y producción: Tejevientos Films en REC estudios

  • 04:41 Popular RECRUCIDE - God didn't

    RECRUCIDE - God didn't

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    Video oficial “GOD DIDN'T" - RecrucideDisco: SVPREMACYAño: 2015Sello: Australis RecordsPartner oficial: RockGo /www.rockgo.clRealizado por: Gracias Comunicaciones /

  • 58:43 Popular RECRUCIDE - Señal en Vivo (

    RECRUCIDE - Señal en Vivo (

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    Programa Señal en Vivo transmitido por Rockaxis TV : Grabado en Estudio Tierra :

  • 48:21 THE REAKTION - Selknam - Full Album Stream - Now Available Worldwide

    THE REAKTION - Selknam - Full Album Stream - Now Available Worldwide

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    The complete album stream of The ReAktion's "SELKNAM" - Now Available Worldwide. Full track listing below. Click the time stamps to go track-by-track. 01. 144k [00:00] 02. 10 Steps To Success [01:24] 03. Teach Me How to Stop The World [5:54] 04. Thousands

  • 40:02 Popular GROUND MEAT - UNBORN (full album 2015)

    GROUND MEAT - UNBORN (full album 2015)

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    Ground Meat album: UNBORN label: Madness Records 1. "Deception" 00:35 2. "MBM" 04:39 3. "Evil Side" 09:02 4. "Pest" 13:03 5. "New Dimension of Life" 17:06 6. "Over the

  • 03:23 Popular RECRUCIDE - Ritual

    RECRUCIDE - Ritual

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    Video oficial "RITUAL" - Recrucide Disco: SVPREMACY Año: 2015 Sello: Australis Records Realizado por: Quema TV / Cámaras: Juan Ponce / Tomás Encina Edición: Juan Ponce

  • 07:30 Popular KRUDO - Cuando la mente se ciega / Carne Muerta

    KRUDO - Cuando la mente se ciega / Carne Muerta

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    Extracto de la presentacion de Krudo el dia 01 de Octubre de 2014 en el programa RUi2 ene el Aire por Rui2 en el Aire es un show de radio web que trae hasta tus oídos sonidos independientes. Conversamos con la banda y escuchamos

  • 04:15 Popular MICHEL GARRIDO BAND - Pueblos de Sal

    MICHEL GARRIDO BAND - Pueblos de Sal

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    Michel Garrido Band Disco "Vertical" 2015 Track "Pueblos de Sal"

  • 04:13 Popular NECROSIS - The Ovalo Prison

    NECROSIS - The Ovalo Prison

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    New official video from Necrosis [Chile].Recorded at Buin Prison, destroyed before 2010 Earthquake.Director: Daniel Duarte, Assistant Director: Carlos Moena.

  • 03:58 Popular THE FALLACY - Realize

    THE FALLACY - Realize

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    http://www.the-fallacy.com For merch and CDs: Produced by The Fallacy Directed and edited by Aukache Films 'Realize' Music & Lyric by Marco Cusato, Angeline B